Beautiful Smiles is a “mercury-free” dentist office, offering patients white, resin dental fillings to treat decay.

Aside from cosmetic advantages, white fillings also provide benefits to overall dental health and reduce any possible risk that amalgam fillings may present due to the use of mercury (silver filings contain up to 50% mercury).

Benefits of white dental fillings

  • Resin fillings are aesthetically pleasing because they closely match the natural color of teeth.
  • Resin fillings bond (or adhere) to tooth surfaces creating a strong, lasting restoration. They effectively become one with the tooth.
  • Resin fillings wear and function like a natural tooth.
  • Resin fillings result in less sensitivity.
  • Resin fillings contain fluoride that is released into the tooth structure, helping strengthen the tooth.

White fillings support long term oral health and allow Dr. Goris to treat tooth decay without impacting your natural smile.

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