Porcelain veneers can serve both cosmetic and restorative purposes and provide durable lasting results for patients with variety of dental concerns. These thin, translucent restorations are effective in changing the shape, size, color, or minor defects of natural teeth.

Preferred over the more economical tooth bonding treatment for lasting results, porcelain veneers are stain resistant and custom made to blend with your natural teeth.

I was one of the fortunate ones that did not require braces. I have always had straight, white teeth. However, when I was younger, I was self-conscious about the slight spacing between my front teeth. My father, who was also a dentist, fabricated porcelain veneers to correct this minor imperfection with my smile. This was over 25 years ago and I still have my original veneers! When I smile and tell patients about my veneers, they are always amazed at how natural my veneers look and that they’re not my real teeth.Dr. Goris

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