Greenwood dentist Dr. Benjamin Stevens encourages his patients to be proactive in their oral health. Dental anxiety may keep some patients from going to the dentist on a regular basis. Some patients wait until they are experiencing discomfort which may result in the need for advanced restorative dental treatment. Preventative care visits are essential in maintaining your oral health and preventing serious dental health concerns. It is important to remember that not going to the dentist and ignoring discomfort in your mouth can lead to more complex dental health concerns and costly dental procedures.

Preventative Dental Care Benefits

1.Professional Cleaning 2 X Year : The ADA recommends getting your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist 2 x a year.

The Benefits : When you also practice diligent oral hygiene at home, plaque will will have a hard time building up in those hard to reach spots. Professional teeth cleanings can keep your gums, tongue and teeth plaque and tartar free.

2. Catch Dental Concerns:
Greenwood Beautiful Smiles dental health exams are comprehensive and screen for oral cancer, periodontal disease, occlusal alignment and tooth decay.

The Benefits: Early diagnosis can help prevent further damage to your oral and overall health. Oral health is directly linked to your body’s health, and diagnosis and treatment of any oral health concern can keep you healthier. Early diagnosis also helps to prevent the need for costly advanced dental procedures.

3.Support Sturdy Oral Foundation: A solid oral health foundation is important to your overall dental health.

The Benefits: Regular visits to the dentist can help Dr. Stevens preserve as many of your natural teeth as possible. Dr. Stevens will always try to save as many natural teeth and bone structure as possible as this provides a solid foundation for any cosmetic dental procedures you may need to get done for your healthiest smile.

Preventative dental care is the first defense against tooth decay, periodontal disease, and complex oral health problems. Scheduling routine exams at our Greenwood dentist office and practicing proper brushing techniques can help keep your smile functional and healthy. A collaboration of at home dental hygiene and frequent dental cleanings from Dr. Stevens can help keep your smile functional and healthy.