Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Greenwood, INApril is National Oral Cancer Awareness month. This year Greenwood, IN dentist Dr. David Goris and the American Dental Association (ADA) want to spread awareness of the signs and symptoms of this growing health concern. Oral cancer affects thousands of lives yearly and requires early intervention for effective treatment. Many patients do not recover from oral cancer due to a lack of education about the importance of early diagnosis.

Oral cancer screenings are painless, quick, and noninvasive. Oral cancer screenings save lives. Bi-annual dental check ups are the best way to ensure you are being checked for oral cancer regularly. Dr. Goris provides thorough oral cancer screenings during each of your six month dental check ups. If you notice a sign or symptom of oral cancer developing between visits, be sure to contact Dr. Goris immediately and schedule a consultation.

Signs of Oral Cancer

The signs of oral cancer can go unnoticed and may be difficult to spot yourself. This is why dental exams are essential. However, you should check your soft oral tissues regularly for any signs of changes. Signs of oral cancer include:

  • Sore throat or feeling of something caught in the throat
  • Thickening of soft oral tissues
  • Noticeable red or white patches in the mouth
  • Numbness of the tongue
  • Swelling in the jaw area
  • Change in the fit of dentures
  • Difficulty swallowing

Schedule A Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening provides another good reason to visit with Dr. Goris in Greenwood, IN twice a year. Routine dental care not only keeps your smile healthy but can also provide the opportunity to spot early signs of larger health concerns such as oral cancer. As your dentist, we consider ourselves a partner in your overall health care, helping you to enjoy the best quality of life every day.