Are you getting ready to interview for that big job you’ve always wanted? About to take that walk down the aisle with the person of your dreams? Maybe you have a graduation or other big event coming up and want to look your best? If you are self-conscious about showing off your smile because your pearly whites are not so pearly or white anymore, maybe teeth whitening treatment is the key to helping you smile your best smile!

Smile with Tooth Whitening in Indianapolis, IN

Even a lifetime of faithful care cannot stop the natural process of aging which can cause discoloration of our teeth. Other causes such as smoking, chewing tobacco or daily intake of coffee, tea, cola or red wine will also take a toll on the brightness of your smile. Dr. Stevens recommends daily brushing which can slow this down and help your smile stay healthy but cannot reverse this discoloration alone. Over-the-counter whitening strips and specialty toothpastes can reverse some of the discoloration of your teeth but their effects are limited.

Professional teeth whitening can be the difference between a good smile and your best smile! These treatments, which are fast and affordable, are performed in the office by Dr. Stevens and his friendly staff.

Zoom whitening treatments are especially formulated to minimize tooth sensitivity, which is a common complaint of other teeth whitening formulas, and can brighten your smile dramatically. Some patients have seen their smiles brightened by eight shades after just one in-office treatment. Zoom makes whitening easy and convenient and can even be done in the comfort of your own home!

Beautiful Smiles offers two varieties of the popular Zoom whitening treatment to our patients in the Indianapolis and Greenwood areas. Zoom, which is the number one most requested whitening treatment is a process that can be completed in the office in about one hour’s time. The process is a combination of advanced scientific technology and Zoom’s specialized formula. It begins with applying a ph balanced Hydrogen Peroxide solution to your teeth. A special light is then applied to maximize the bleaching power of the formula and bring out the natural whiteness in your teeth.

Beautiful Smiles also offers our patients Zoom take-home treatments. This process involves wearing custom-fitted bleach trays on your teeth daily, usually in your sleep, to whiten your teeth at home. This take-home process can be used in conjunction with or as follow-up treatments to an in-office whitening procedure. Studies have shown that a take-home whitening every four to six months helps an in-office cleaning to last almost indefinitely.

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