Are you missing multiple consecutive teeth? Have you considered dental bridges but want to know more about bridges before committing to treatment? We can help. Our office provides dental bridges for patients in Greenwood, IN, working with patients on an individual basis to customize restorative dental treatment to their needs. Dental bridges can restore the look and health of patients’ smiles and prevent further damage or disease.

What are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

There are many advantages to treatment with dental bridges. Dental bridges can:

  • Improve the bite: Lost teeth, especially multiple missing teeth, make it difficult to bite evenly. Dental bridges create a more even bite by replacing missing teeth with false teeth that match the shape of natural teeth.
  • Create fuller smiles: One of the top benefits of bridges is their aesthetics. We work with labs to create bridges that use natural-looking false teeth. Using reflective materials like porcelain or ceramic also allows restorations to blend in with other natural teeth.
  • Combat decay and disease: Bridges and other dental restorations are especially helpful for patients who have lost teeth due to decay. Addressing an infection and replacing missing teeth can prevent further damage to the teeth and gums.

Caring for Dental Bridges in Greenwood, IN

You can brush and floss your dental bridge just like your natural teeth. Although the false teeth are not affected by bacterial buildup, harmful bacteria can still affect the gums and adjacent natural teeth. If you have a traditional bridge, it’s important to clean beneath the bridge. Removing food debris between the bridge and the gums can prevent problems like gum disease.

Flossing is often overlooked, but it is an important step of an oral hygiene routine. Dental floss can get where brushes cannot, removing sugars and starches that bacteria feed on, eventually breaking down natural enamel and gum tissues. We can also recommend different types of floss or brushes you can use for your new restoration. At routine checkups, we will examine your bridge and make sure that it feels and looks comfortable. Scheduling these checkups regularly can also increase the longevity of your restoration.

What is Dental Bridge Treatment Like?

Depending on your type of dental bridge, it can take weeks to months to receive your final restoration. While dental implants add time to treatment, they can also offer lasting restorations and create a stable bite.

Before every restorative treatment, we take images of the smile and take many factors into consideration to tailor treatment to each patient’s needs. We may recommend extractions, periodontal therapy, or other treatments as needed to ensure that patients are in good oral health. If patients receive implants, they will need sufficient jaw bone to support the implant posts so that we may recommend bone grafting. We will reshape abutment teeth to provide traditional bridges and take impressions for the crowns and bridge. If patients require dental implants, we will work with an oral surgeon to place the implants and the final restoration.

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