Discolored Teeth Greenwood, IN

Are your teeth yellow or discolored? Do you feel too embarrassed to share your smile due to yellow teeth?

Tooth discoloration is one of the most common cosmetic concerns that can impact a patient’s confidence in their smile. Whitening your teeth can take years off of your appearance and enhance your naturally beautiful smile. This cosmetic procedure is also known as an economic smile makeover. If you’ve struggled with confidence in your smile, consider this quick and effective treatment.

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Beautiful Smiles in Greenwood offers professional teeth whitening treatments that can take years off your smile’s appearance. While there are endless over-the-counter options for teeth whitening, professional teeth whitening is designed to protect the soft tissues while yielding a bright white smile in about just one hour.

Treating Discolored Teeth with Zoom Whitening

You should always feel proud to share your beautiful smile. Professional teeth whitening can take years off of your appearance, leaving you with a bright, fresh, and confident smile. Teeth whitening from a dentist is always far superior to over-the-counter options.

Beautiful Smiles offers cosmetic teeth whitening treatments from the comfort of our Greenwood, IN family dentist office.

We offer the convenience of personalized take-home whitening kits and in-office ZOOM! teeth whitening treatments.

Your dentist can help you determine the best options for your specific needs. Our most popular treatment plan includes a combination of both in-office and at-home treatment. This process gives you the most effective results. You can get immediate results with your first in-office teeth whitening treatment, then follow up regularly with an at-home whitening kit.

Dr. Stevens also offers alternatives to teeth whitening for patients with tooth stains resistant to whitening gels. These alternatives that help improve the appearance of your smile include:

What Causes Tooth Discoloration

We know that having yellow or brown teeth can be embarrassing, but we are not here to judge. A multitude of issues can cause discolored teeth. Tooth discoloration is common as patients age. Injury, certain types of medications, unhealthy diet, tobacco use, and more can contribute to yellow teeth.

Yellow teeth are often the result of enamel erosion, leaving the inner dentin of the tooth exposed. Dentin is naturally yellow and gives teeth an unattractive yellow or “dirty” appearance.

Brown or black spots on the teeth may result from injury or medication use. Certain medications can cause tooth discoloration that may need to be treated using alternative cosmetic treatments.

Patients may also experience bright white spots on their teeth. White spots are typically caused by overexposure to fluoride during the development of their teeth.

All of these factors contribute to yellow teeth. It is up to you to decide if you want to do something about it. Beautiful Smiles is here to help.

Discolored Teeth FAQs

How can I permanently whiten my discolored teeth?

The only way to permanently whiten teeth is with porcelain veneers. This treatment actually places thin shells over the top of your remaining teeth, completely hiding the shade of the tooth. You can actually choose the shade you want your teeth to be!

Does teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive?

A possible side effect of most professional teeth whitening treatments is sensitivity. Bleaching solution typically causes sensitivity. However, this uncomfortable side effect is not permanent. Most people say the sensitivity subsides in less than four days. In the meantime, we suggest using tooth sensitivity toothpaste to help.

How how does the in-office ZOOM! whitening treatment work?

An in-office Zoom! whitening treatment only takes about one hour and will instantly whiten your teeth by up to eight shades. During that time, your dentist will do three 15-minute sessions where the whitening solution will be applied and a special light will be placed on the teeth to activate the solution.

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