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Missing teeth can impact all aspects of your life. Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew, speak, or smile confidently. Even one missing tooth may compromise the health of your remaining teeth, gums and structure and function of your jaw and bite.

Replacing missing teeth can prevent further deterioration of the oral health and reduce the risk of secondary oral health complications. Advancements in restorative dentistry have made replacing missing teeth more natural and long-lasting. Greenwood, IN restorative dentist Dr. Goris offers full-service dental implant treatment plans to replace a single missing tooth or to secure a full denture.

Patients who do not replace their missing teeth are more susceptible to additional tooth loss and the risk of bone deterioration greatly increase. Missing teeth can cause the remaining teeth to shift, loosen or even fall out. Without the support of all the teeth, the jaw becomes increasingly weak and can begin to deteriorate.
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In-House Dental Implants Indianapolis, IN

Beautiful Smiles offers in-house dental implants for consistent, high-quality results. Dr. Goris is a general dentist with advanced training and expertise in implant dentistry. Our dental care team provides support and treatment for all phases of the implant procedure. Patients enjoy a streamlined treatment plan without the need for visiting off-site specialists.

Dr. Goris offers restorative options for replacing missing teeth. Through a thorough dental exam and personalized consultation, Dr. Goris helps patients choose a restorative option for replacing their missing teeth based on the patient’s oral health, cosmetic goals, and budget. Dr. Goris also offers dental bridges, full or partial dentures and dental implant secured restorations for the replacement of missing teeth.

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth:

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