Bleeding Gums Treatment Greenwood, IN

Bleeding gums are usually the first sign of gum disease. Routine dental visits can help you prevent and manage gum disease at any stage. Dr. Goris offers comprehensive periodontal care and screens children and adult patients for gum disease on every visit to his Greenwood dentist office.

Bleeding gums are not normal, and should be checked by a dentist. If you notice that your gums bleed on a routine basis, it is best to schedule a dental checkup with Beautiful Smiles near Indianapolis and Greenwood, Indiana.

Early diagnosis and intervention can allow for conservative periodontal treatment, preventing secondary health complications. The best way to prevent gum disease is by visiting the dentist on a routine basis.

It’s not enough anymore to just keep an eye on suspicious spots in the gums. Instead, aggressively controlling periodontal disease will become a top priority for preserving and improving our patients’ overall health and their enjoyment of life. To be exact, our patients will not be totally healthy unless they are periodontally healthy.
-Dr. Goris

Preventing Gum Disease

The Impact of Gum Disease: The Oral-Body Connection

Gum disease is a serious and complex condition that progresses and eventually begins to damage a patient’s overall health and well being. As bacteria multiply and spread, deep pockets are formed in the gum line. The gums become inflamed and start to pull away from the teeth. Teeth loose stability, begin to shift and may eventually fall out.

Patients with advanced gum disease are prone to tooth loss, bone loss, facial sagging, and a whole range of systemic health complications.

Adult-Onset Diabetes and Periodontal Disease

Elevated bacterial and viral invaders, such as periodontitis, leads to internal inflammation and can result in an increase in a person’s resistance to insulin, which aggravates blood sugar control. If you have diabetes, further infection worsens insulin resistance and significantly diminishes the diabetic’s ability to keep their blood sugar regulated.

People with periodontal disease are 2 times more likely to have insulin resistance. Type II diabetics have a 7 times greater mortality rate when they have severe periodontal disease.

Gum disease and cardiovascular disease

Recent dental research has shown that men and women with periodontal disease are more likely to suffer from coronary artery disease than those who don’t. Scientific research has shown that bacteria originating from persistent oral infections, including gum disease, can spread through the bloodstream and stimulate an inflammatory response. This increases the risk of developing disease in the heart and other parts of the body.

Sedation Dentistry for Dental Anxiety

We often find that patients with advanced gum disease have avoided routine dental exams for years due to fear of the dentist. Skipping routine checkups can lead to the progression of gum disease, tooth loss, and even bone recession.

Dr. Goris offers a family-focused, welcoming, no-pressure dental office environment.  We allow patients to express their concerns and take the time to listen to their goals and answer their questions. Through conservative, high quality modern dental care, we restore patient’s total oral health, improving their comfort and confidence in their smile.

Our Greenwood, IN family dentist office, also offers sedation dentistry options for patients who experience dental anxiety.  Dr. Goris will discuss sedation options prior to treatment so that patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

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If you have sore gums or bleeding gums, schedule an appointment for a personalized, comprehensive oral health exam. Contact Beautiful Smiles at (317) 886-4512. We offer treatment for gum disease near Indianapolis, IN and Greenwood area. We gladly welcome new patients.