Dental Implants Greenwood, IN

Dental Implants An Overview

Dr. Benjamin Stevens offers several options for replacing missing teeth, including dental implants. When possible, we recommend dental implants because of their high success rate among patients. Dental Implants offer many benefits for overall dental health. Dr. Stevens offers full services for the dental implant procedure in Greenwood, near Indianapolis, Indiana. Replacing missing teeth as soon as possible is important to reduce the risk of further dental health problems. A missing tooth, or teeth, can eventually lead to bone loss, shrinkage in the jaw, and shifting of remaining teeth. These issues can disrupt the balance of the bite and create a more aged appearance as the jawline sinks inward over time.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a bio-compatible titanium post surgically implanted by a dentist into the jaw bone, replacing the root of a missing tooth. When fully integrated with the bone, the dental implant will provide stability and support for a replacement tooth. A dental implant in Greenwood can be used to support a dental crown for a single missing tooth or a denture to replace all of your missing teeth. Benefits of Dental Implants
  • 95% or higher success rate
  • Improved bone and gum health (compared to alternative restorations)
  • Avoids degradation of healthy teeth (as in conventional bridgework)
  • Improves the appearance of the smile and lower face
  • Patients can enjoy a healthy diet without restrictions
  • No worry of slippage or dentures “falling out”
Dentists use dental implants, from single tooth replacement to securing an over-denture. It is best for a comfortable smile that looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth. Dental implants and implant-secured dentures can be life-changing for patients struggling with the daily challenges of either missing teeth or poorly fitting dentures.
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Dental Implants What to Expect

Dr. Stevens offers complete treatment for dental implants in his Greenwood dentist office. Dr. Stevens will perform the tooth implant surgery and design the custom-fit dental restoration. This prevents you from having to visit multiple specialists. Patients will receive a dental crown, bridge, or denture, depending on the number and location of their missing teeth. Our full-service implant treatment plans provide patients with more predictable results without the hassle of visiting additional specialists.

The Implant Process

Implantation: The dental implant placement is a simple surgical procedure performed in our Greenwood, IN family dentist office under local anesthesia. It typically takes three to six months for the implant to heal and fully integrate with the jawbone. Implant Restoration: In some cases, Dr. Stevens can complete the tooth implant restoration on the same visit. Most patients will receive a temporary crown or bridge worn during the healing process. Once the dental implant has fully healed, the final restoration will be custom designed and securely fit the implant using an abutment.

Request an Implant Consultation with Dr. Stevens

Dental implants are a great alternative to dentures; they look more natural than dentures or partial dentures. They last longer than other tooth replacement options because they are anchored into your jawbone, making them nearly impossible to dislodge. Many people put off getting dental implants because of the high price. The average cost for this procedure can range from $1,000 to $15,000, depending on the type of implant and the number of implants needed. Dr. Stevens works with patients on budget concerns. He also offers treatment plans. We are currently accepting new dental implant patients! Learn more about Dental Implants

Dental Implants FAQs

What is the best choice for missing teeth?
Whether you have one or several missing teeth, there are many options for replacement. Dr. Stevens will evaluate your condition and help you choose which replacement option is best for you. In many cases, a dental implant is the best choice for someone who wants a long-lasting, worry-free solution. Dental implants have the highest success rate and patient satisfaction compared with any other type of dental treatment. Dental implants give patients the most lifelike replacement for missing teeth with the ability to eat, drink, speak and smile confidently and without restrictions.
How long does a dental implant last?
You can expect your dental implant to last a lifetime with proper care, maintenance, and routine dental checkups.
What are denture implants?
Denture implants, “All-On-Four,” and “Teeth in a Day” are all names for a procedure that replaces all of a person’s missing teeth. This procedure is often done in a single visit, and in some cases, an existing denture can be modified and secured using dental implants. Compared to a removable denture, an implant denture offers better retention, improved health, and higher quality of life.
What are All-On-Four implants?
All-On-Four implants are another name for denture implants. Dr. Stevens may place as few as four dental implants to secure a new or existing denture.
Is implant surgery painful?
You will be made as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment in our Greenwood dentist office. You may be given a sedative during the implant placement to help you relax and minimize any pain. It is normal to experience soreness following the implant surgery. This typically subsides within a few days of treatment. Once the implant has healed, you will not have any pain.
How long with the implant process take?
The reason why dental implants are so successful is that they integrate with the living bone. The process length will vary from one patient to another, but you can expect the overall healing process to take 3 to 6 months. In some cases, Dr. Stevens can complete the procedure in a single office visit. That means placing the implant and securing the permanent restoration on the same day. For others, he will place a temporary crown on the implant. We secure the permanent restoration to the implant after the implant has healed.