Dental Implant Process Greenwood, IN

Dr. Benjamin Stevens is a talented dentist who offers full dental implant services. This means he completes every step of the process at his dentist office located in Greenwood, IN. When considering implants, we want our patients to be fully aware of the process, from start to completion.

Dental implants are highly successful thanks to modern dental technology. This intricate process will involve several office visits, at least one surgical procedure, and months of healing time. We will provide you with a temporary restoration if you need one, so you will never be without teeth during this time.

How long does the entire dental implant procedure take?

The implant process should take about six months if you are in good oral health and do not need a bone graft. However, that is predicting that everything works out perfectly. There are, in fact, many factors that will determine how long yours will take. It is not uncommon for people to be completing their implant journey a year later. To better understand, let’s review the dental implant process.

Dental Implant Process Greenwood IN

The Dental Implant Process


The very first step in the process is for Dr. Stevens to review your medical history and examine your mouth to see if you qualify for dental implants. We create a treatment plan based on your needs and personal goals.


Preparing you for the implant procedure is the most important step. It is imperative that you are in good overall and oral health before having the implants placed. Our goal is to ensure a healthy environment for the implants to properly heal in and be successful. You may need to have a bone graft if you do not have enough bone to support the implants. We will provide you with the proper treatment if you suffer from gum disease. We’ll also extract any teeth that we can’t save. Dr. Stevens will include these steps in your treatment plan if necessary.


Your dental implants will be placed in your jawbone during a simple surgical procedure at our Greenwood, IN dentist office. For your comfort, we place you under local anesthesia. It should only take a few hours for multiple implants and about an hour for a single implant.


This portion of the process simply involves waiting for the implants to fuse with the surrounding bone completely. This process is known as osseointegration and will take anywhere from three to six months.

Placing the Abutment

When the dental implants are fully connected to the bone, Dr. Stevens will uncover the implants during a simple procedure and attach the abutments. An abutment is a small connector piece that attaches the implant to the dental restoration. We will allow your gums to heal for about two weeks following this procedure.

Final Restoration

The last step involves placing your final dental restoration. We take several impressions to fabricate your new dental restoration. These are custom-made in a dental laboratory to blend in perfectly. During your last appointment at our Greenwood, IN dentist office, Dr. Stevens will attach your permanent restoration (dental crown, dental bridge, or denture) and ensure proper fit.