Multiple Dental Implants Greenwood, IN

Teeth implants are an advanced restorative dentistry treatment that provides a simple solution for replacing missing teeth. If you are missing two are more teeth, Dr. Benjamin Stevens can create a custom treatment plan to replace them using multiple dental implants. As an experienced dental implant dentist, he offers complete implant services at his practice in Greenwood, IN.

multiple dental implants

Multiple Dental Implants

Depending on your particular circumstances, two or more dental implants can secure a dental restoration. It is unnecessary to replace each missing tooth with one implant when you are missing many teeth. Instead, Dr. Stevens can actually use fewer implants to replace multiple teeth. He will secure a dental bridge if you miss several consecutive teeth or a denture if you miss a full arch of teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridge

A dental bridge is typically used to replace a missing tooth however it can also be used to replace three or more teeth. When supported by dental implants, a bridge is more secure and does require damaging any surrounding teeth.

Traditionally, a bridge uses the two adjacent teeth as anchors for the fixture. We grind down these teeth and they support the entire bridge. However, with an implant-supported bridge, we don’t harm the surrounding teeth. Dr. Stevens will use two (sometimes more) implants to secure your custom-made dental bridge.

Denture Implants

Implant-supported dentures are sometimes referred to as “all on four” because all the teeth can be replaced using four dental implants. However, a denture can be secured with anywhere from two to eight dental implants, depending on the patient’s needs and oral health.

Denture implants are more secure than traditional, removable dentures. Dentures use suction with the gums to remain in place. Sometimes you also need an adhesive. They slip around in the mouth, leading to many issues, such as slurring and difficulty eating. Many people find living with dentures not suitable for them.

Dentures that are secured to dental implants are very secure, will never slip around in your mouth, allow you to eat a large variety of food, and do not require sticky adhesives to stay in place.

The Advantages

Dental implants are a revolutionary dental tool that is changing how we treat tooth loss. They allow patients to live as normally as they did before losing teeth. Since we secure them to the jaw bone, they are more durable and more stable than the alternative teeth replacement solutions. They will help you regain your confidence and eat, laugh, and smile again without feeling embarrassed. You will be able to eat almost any food you want, and you will have better dental health!

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