Same-Day Dental Crowns Greenwood IN

Same Day Dental Crowns An Overview

Beautiful Smiles can provide you with same-day dental crowns for your convenience!

Through the use of CEREC technology, which combines 3-D digital imaging, CAD/CAM technology, and a sophisticated in-office milling unit, Beautiful Smiles can produce CEREC all-porcelain crowns in a single dental appointment.

Dental crowns are often referred to as a “cap” because they cover the tooth entirely, restoring strength and allowing a patient to keep their natural tooth root in place to avoid the effects of tooth loss.

A dental crown can also be used as a prosthetic tooth and secured to a dental implant to replace a single missing tooth. There are many benefits to getting a crown the same day as your general dental visit near Greenwood.

Advantages of CEREC – Same Day Crowns

Less tooth sensitivity: the crown material matches the composition of natural tooth structure. This means when hot or cold substances are consumed, the restoration and tooth expand and contract together, unlike conventional crowns, minimizing sensitivity.

Time-saving: only one appointment is needed for a CEREC crown – when you leave, you have your new, permanent crown. By comparison, conventional crowns require two separate appointments before you have your permanent crown. For 2 to 3 weeks while a conventional crown is being made by an external lab, the patient wears a temporary crown, which is more susceptible to breaks or similar complications.

Stronger teeth: the milled porcelain used for a CEREC crown is stronger than traditional, lab-fabricated crowns.

Aesthetics: similar to natural teeth, CEREC crowns allow light to pass through, resulting in a more natural looking appearance

Natural: the CEREC 3-D technology copies the original tooth more accurately than traditional impressions used to fabricate conventional crowns. The result is a crown that is a near-copy of the natural tooth.

CEREC Same-Day dental crowns in Greenwood Indiana

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"I went for a broken tooth and was able to get about four things done I have been putting off! Great service and people! Thanks, Dr. Goris and gang! You're the best!"Christopher
"I just got my crown on my new dental implant that Dr. Goris had placed. It looks so natural and it is so nice not to have a hole in where I had lost a my tooth! I was nervous…Sharon C.
"I have always had positive experiences with Dr. Goris and his staff. The quality of the care, attention to details, and professionalism far exceed my expectations. While I once was self-conscious about my teeth, he has helped transform it to…Michael K.

Same Day Dental Crowns What to Expect

Affordable Dental Crowns near Greenwood Indiana

The process of getting a dental crown is simple and painless. Dr. Goris will begin by preparing your affected tooth for the crown. The prepared tooth is then coated with a white powder, which enhances the ability to capture a digital image of the tooth.

Images of the prepared tooth are captured with a 3-D camera and uploaded to the CEREC computer.

The crown is designed using CEREC’s CAD/CAM technology and may be modified by Dr. Goris in order to achieve the best crown design. This information is sent to the in-office milling unit, which fabricates the crown in about 6 minutes.

The crown will be temporarily placed on your tooth to ensure proper fit. If it fits securely, we will polish it, and cement it onto the tooth for a permanent fit.

Patients can leave with a fully restored, comfortable and permanent solution for a damaged or decayed tooth.

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Same Day Dental Crowns FAQs

Are CEREC crowns covered by insurance?

Yes, insurance plans can cover part, or all of, the cost of CEREC dental crowns. Ultimately, it is up to your insurance provider to decide how much they will cover. Contact your dental insurance provider for details, or give us a call in today. Dr. Goris accepts most dental insurance in Greenwood, IN.

Are CEREC same-day crowns the same as traditional crowns?

Not necessarily. CEREC is a very specific process and currently only supports ceramic material. On the other hand, traditional dental crowns can be made of porcelain, gold, metal, or ceramic. patients choose CEREC over traditional options because of convenience and for the most natural results.

Can old dental crowns be replaced with CEREC crowns?

Yes. We can replace your old discolored tooth crown with a new CEREC same-day crown. This is only advised if your current crown is causing you tooth pain issues or issues with your appearance. We can also recommend other cosmetic treatments for your aesthetic needs.